Sammy the Slug Appearance Agreement

Terms and Conditions:

  • Applications must be received a minimum of three weeks in advance.
  • Completion of Sammy the Slug Rental Application Form does not guarantee UCSC can fulfill this request.
  • All appearances are subject to the approval by the UCSC Athletic Department and the availability of the mascot employee
  • Sammy mascot costume itself is not available for loan or rental.  The trained University mascot employee is the only authorized person to appear at events in the costume.
  • Appearances have a one-hour minimum request.
  • Water must be provided for the mascot employee.
  • The mascot employee must be allowed to take breaks to rehydrate and cool off.
  • Confirmation will be made no less than two weeks after the form has been submitted
  • For any events over 15 miles away from the UCSC campus the sponsoring organization will be assessed a fee to help with travel reimbursement.
  • If the appearance of Sammy is off campus, the event organizers that rented Sammy must provide reasonable parking.  Parking passes are often provided.
  • If the event is outside, the Athletic Department reserves the right to cancel the appearance based on inclement weather conditions.
  • Event Organizers must provide a private, secured/locked places for the mascot employee to change and store belongings for the duration of the appearance.
  • Cancellations must be made six working days prior to the event in order to get a full refund.
  • If we cancel – In the rare case that we become unable to fulfill a request that has been confirmed, we will refund your account completely and notify you as soon as we are aware of the change.  Please understand UCSC Sporting Events, Tournaments, Games and other UCSC Athletic sponsored events take priority.
  • Event Organizers must provide a Sammy Buddy to stay with the mascot employee to help the mascot employee walk around, get into position for photos, help them get in and out of the suit, as well as helping them with rehydrating.  If event organizers cannot provide a Sammy Buddy one can be provided for an additional $10 an hour.
  • Any damage, lost, or stolen items to the costume, unless damage is caused by the actions of the mascot employee, is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.  Please look at the mascot costume and point out any damages that exist to the mascot employee prior to the start of the event.
For more information about appearance requests, please call Embele Awipi at 831-459-4962 or