Men's Basketball Team Honors UC Santa Cruz Community Members

Men's Basketball Team Honors UC Santa Cruz Community Members

SANTA CRUZ, CA –The Slug Men's Basketball team honored UC Santa Cruz Faculty and Staff members with a brief ceremony prior their game against Cal Maritime.  Each member of the team was asked to select a member from the UC Santa Cruz community that have had a positive impact on them as a student.  This year's recipients were:

Maria ALvarez (College 8 Resident Assistant) presented by Colizel Lewis, MBKB

Josh Cline (Coordinator for Residential Education) presented by Dylan Holler, MBKB

Linda Clauss (Intramural Sports Coordinator) presented by Jermey McGirr, MBKB

Derek Dean (College 8 Resident Assistant) presented by Hayden Bishop, MBKB

Rebecca DuBois (Assistant Professor, Biomolecular Engineering) presented by Matthew Ponce, MBKB

Julianne Eastman (Resdient Assistant) presented by Ilan Zur, MBKB

Homayun Etemadi (Oakes College Academic Advisor) presented by James Townsend, MBKB

Robin King (Lecturer Writing Oakes Writing Coordinator) presented by Marshal Arnwine, MBKB

Kim Musch (Intern Athletic Director and Swim Coach) presented by Nyan Pratha, MBKB

Ellen Newberry (Lecturer Merrill College Writing Coordinator) presented by Tyler Ponce, MBKB

Geraldine-Ysabel Nicdao (College 8 Residential Assistant) presented by Jared Ponce, MBKB

Eva Ramirez (College 8 Facilities) presented by Andreas Peritos, MBKB

Ricardo Sainz (Resident Assistant) presented by Carlos Medina, MBKB

Danielle Techner (Assistant Athletic Trainer) presented by Spencer Wells, MBKB

Dr. Clara Weygandt (Faculty Physical & Biological Sciences) presented by Tyler Berkness, MBKB

For photos of that night even, please visit the photo album.