UC Santa Cruz Beats Linfield, 3-1

SANTA CRUZ, CA--Matt Fondy scored his first goal of the 2009 season off of a corner kick from teammate Cody Pillon on Friday.  The Slugs came out strong against the visiting Linfield College of McMinville OR, scoring in just the 8th minute of play after already hitting the goalpost twice.  Linfield College answered with an equalizing goal in the 37th minute off a free kick header from Carter Elhabbassi to make the game more interesting.  However the tie was short lived when Daniel Seltzer scored his 2nd goal of the year unassisted in the 39th minute to go ahead of Wildcats 2-1.  


The second half of the match-up was pretty much all Santa Cruz.  With a total of 14 shots for Santa Cruz to Linfield's 7 shots, the second half saw much of the play take place in Linfield's side of the field.  It was Junior, Matt Fondy in the second half whom had a beautiful cracker of a shot from outside the penalty box for his second goal of the day, in the 88th minute.  That goal assisted by teammate Evan Chambers.  Goalkeeper Matt Pereira saved a total of 3 shots for the Slugs on the day, keeping the final score 3-1 in the Slugs favor.  The Slugs would get ready to face their classic rivals of the West, the Redlands Bulldogs on Saturday, while Linfield remained in town to face Redlands themselves on Sunday the 13th.