#21 Banana Slugs Beats Bruins 6-3

SANTA CRUZ, CA -- The Banana Slugs played their first match in three weeks as they took on George Fox University in their final match of the 2015 regular season. The Banana Slugs won all three doubles matches as the Banana Slugs defeated the Bruins 6-3. 

In their last match, UC Santa Cruz lost 5-4 to Pomona Pitzer on March 28th in Pomona while the Bruins won 7-2 over Linfield College in McMinnville on Sunday. 

For the third consecutive match, both teams won three singles matches each. In the #4 singles match, Chetan Munugala of UC Santa Cruz defeated Nicholas Grafton of George Fox 6-2, 7-6. In the #5 singles match, Derek Levchenko of the Banana Slugs defeated Vincent Viloria of the Bruins 6-1, 7-5. In the #6 singles match, Jason Vranek of UC Santa Cruz defeated Nick Ekern of George Fox 6-2, 4-6, 6-0. In the #1 singles match, Spencer Watanabe of the Bruins defeated Max Littlejohn of the Banana Slugs 6-2, 6-2. In the #2 singles match, Chris Lilley of George Fox defeated Chadwick Stone of UC Santa Cruz 6-4, 3-6 (ret.). The tightest singles match of the day was the #3 singles match between AJ Flora of the Banana Slugs and Andrew You of the Bruins. You defeated Flora 4-6, 6-3, 10-6. 

The Banana Slugs won all three doubles matches. In the #2 doubles match, the Banana Slugs' team of Munugala and Adrian Sirovica defeated the Bruins' team of Lilley and Chace Stalcup 8-5. In the #3 doubles match, the team of Levchenko and Stone of UC Santa Cruz defeated Grafton and Viloria of George Fox 8-2. In the tightest doubles match of the day, the Banana Slugs' team of Flora and Littlejohn took on the Bruins' team Watanabe and You in the #1 doubles match. Flora and Littlejohn defeated Watanabe and You 8-6. 

Before are the full results:

#1 Singles         Spencer Watanabe (GFU)         def.      Max Littlejohn (UCSC)            6-2, 6-2

#2 Singles         Chris Lilley (GFU)                   def.      Chadwick Stone (UCSC)        4-6, 6-3 (ret.)

#3 Singles         Andrew You (GFU)                  def.      AJ Flora (UCSC)                    4-6, 6-3, 10-6

#4 Singles         Chetan Munugala (UCSC)         def.      Nicholas Grafton (GFU)         6-2, 7-6

#5 Singles         Derek Levchenko (UCSC)        def.      Vincent Viloria (GFU)              6-1, 7-5

#6 Singles         Jason Vranek (UCSC)              def.      Nick Ekern (GFU)                   6-2, 4-6, 6-0

#1 Doubles       Flora/Littlejohn (UCSC)           def.      Watanabe/You (GFU)               8-6

#2 Doubles       Munugala/Sirovica (UCSC)       def.      Lilley/Stalcup (GFU)                8-5

#3 Doubles       Levchenko/Stone (UCSC)        def.      Grafton/Viloria (GFU)              8-2 

The Banana Slugs will have their next individual matches on April 24th-26th as they take part in the 115th Annual Ojai Tennis Tournament.