Trojans March over Banana Slugs

Slugs about to battle the USC Trojans
Slugs about to battle the USC Trojans

LOS ANGELES (1-16) – The Banana Slugs played their second match in as many days as they took on NCAA Division I #10 USC in Los Angeles. The Trojans won 6-1 over the Banana Slugs. 

In their last match, the Banana Slugs won 7-2 over NAIA member Westmont College in Santa Barbara yesterday. The Trojans had a 17-7 record in 2016 with their season ending in the 2016 NCAA Division I Men's Tennis National Championships Round of 16 with a 4-3 loss to the University of Georgia in Tulsa.

The Trojans won five singles matches while the Banana Slugs won one. Two matches – the #3 singles match between Derek Levchenko of the Banana Slugs and Riley Smith of the Trojans and the #6 singles match between Ryan Dugan of UC Santa Cruz and Jens Sweaney of USC – finished with the Trojans' representative winning 6-4, 6-3. In the #1 singles match between ITA/NCAA Division I #114 Thibault Forget of USC and Chadwick Stone of UC Santa Cruz, Forget defeated Stone 6-0, 6-1. In the #2 singles match between ITA/NCAA Division I #20 Brandon Holt of USC and Chad Le Duff of UC Santa Cruz, Holt defeated Le Duff 6-2, 6-1. In the #4 singles match between Sean Hollister of UC Santa Cruz and Henry Ji of USC, Ji defeated Hollister 6-3, 6-2.

The tightest singles match of the day was the #5 singles match between Alexander Flora of the Banana Slugs and David Laser of the Trojans. Flora defeated Laser 7-5, 6-4.

"AJ (Flora) took a hotly contested match and was down a break in the second set but put the games in a row to close the door!" said head coach Mike Napoli. "The Slugs exhibited great potential against USC.  It's a moment my players will always remember and will prove to be a great life's teaching moment."

The Trojans won two doubles matches while one match was suspended. In the #1 doubles match between Dugan and Stone of UC Santa Cruz and Holt and Smith of USC, Holt and Smith defeated Dugan and Stone 6-1. The tightest doubles matches was the #2 doubles match between Hollister and Le Duff of the Banana Slugs and Laser and Verboven of the Trojans. Laser and Verboven defeated Hollister and Le Duff 6-3. The #3 doubles match between Flora and Levchenko of UC Santa Cruz and Ji and Sweaney of USC was suspended with Flora and Levchenko leading 4-3.

Below are the full results:

#1 Singles        Thibault Forget (USC)              def.      Chadwick Stone (UCSC)          6-0, 6-1

#2 Singles        Brandon Holt (USC)                 def.      Chad Le Duff (UCSC)`             6-2, 6-1

#3 Singles        Riley Smith (USC)                   def.      Derek Levchenko (UCSC)        6-4, 6-3

#4 Singles        Henry Ji (USC)                        def.      Sean Hollister (UCSC)            6-3, 6-2

#5 Singles        Alexander Flora (UCSC)           def.      David Laser (USC)                 7-5, 6-4

#6 Singles        Jens Sweaney (USC)               def.      Ryan Dugan (UCSC)               6-4, 6-3

#1 Doubles       Holt/R. Smith (USC)               def.      Dugan/Stone (UCSC)              6-1

#2 Doubles       Laser/Verboven (USC)            def.      Hollister/Le Duff (UCSC)         6-3

#3 Doubles       Flora/Levchenko (UCSC)         vs.        Ji/Sweaney (USC)                 4-3 (Sus.)

The next match for the Banana Slugs will be Friday as they take on Santa Clara University in Santa Clara. The first serve is set for 10 am.