Slugs vs Petrels Play Close Game


December 17, 2004
Slugs vs Petrels Play Close Game
by Carl Nasman (Slug Talk, KZSC)

SANTA CRUZ, CA -- The UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs and the Oglethorpe University Stormy Petrels met on Thursday in the mascot-matchup. The Slugs played one of their closest games of the season, but it wasnít enough as the Slugs fell in overtime, 60-56.

Last Saturday the lady Slugs welcomed back their old hoops coach, Stever Spencer -- now the head coach at Holy Names College in Oakland. Marcie Haduca, the Slugs' leading scorer last season is also an assistant at Holy Names. The Slugs went into the locker room at halftime with a 7-point lead. But continuing a pattern of sloppy second-half play, the Slugs turned the ball over multiple times and lost 69-57.

The Slugs took to the road Monday as they visited the Penguins of Dominican University in San Rafael. The result wasnít good, as the Penguin defense stifled the Slugs' offense all night. The Slugs dropped another one, 73-46 as Dominican improved to 7 and 1.
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