Slugs Slowed to a Crawl

December 18, 2006

Slugs Slowed to a Crawl

The Slugs took to the air to fly into the Eastern outreaches of the LA desert. Hoping to bounce back from the fallout of the week before, the Slugs had three tough days of practice preparing for their In-Region opponents.  First up for the Slugs was La Sierra University.  The game was well played, but the Slugs could not pull it out with a final score 63-72.      

The guards were the heart and soul offensive front for the team.  Talia Joyce, Junior point guard, pushed the pace of the game and dropped 14 points.  Shooting guard Kayleigh Calandri found her stride with an impressive 24 points.  Senior Captain Rachel Ocampo was defensive menace and caused much trouble for La Sierra's guards.  She also added to the offensive efforts with 10 points by slicing through the defense and getting hard earned buckets.  The Slugs collectively shot an impressive 91% from the free throw line. 

At the end of the game a dose of reality came to the post players.  Three of the big Slugs having four fouls each caused for some unnecessary adjustments by the coaching staff.  This poor defensive effort can be seen as the reason that La Sierra out scored the Slugs 40 to 29 and is main reason our opponent got to the free throw line 23 times in the second half.

Sunday afternoon found the Slugs playing against Redlands University.  This game just seemed to spiral out of control for the Slugs, the first half was devastating.  The Slugs found the hoop very few times and shot an unbelievable 14 % from the field in the first half and scored only 14 points.  The high light of the game was Senior Guard Megan Gaynor pulled 11 rebounds in the first half and a game score of 14 points.  Another ray of hope was Kayleigh Calandri who lit the floor up with 18 points.  Neither of these performances could bring the team together and with a disheartened sense of team unity the Slugs fell to the Bulldogs. 

Coming up for the Slugs the Humboldt State Lumberjacks and the Occidental Tigers!