Purpose Statement

The primary purpose of the UCSC Women’s Basketball Program is to provide an environment where student athletes work together to realize common goals through respect, hard work, accountability, and commitment to themselves, each other, family, and the University. The program cultivates and encourages meaningful communication to ensure shared ownership in the process of building a championship caliber program.

Student athletes grow as they work with the coaching staff to:

• Recognize and understand program’s order of priorities as academics, family, basketball; 

• Adapt to changing situations and focus on the task at hand;

• Learn, execute, and perfect fundamentals needed to excel in our program;

o Hard work/effort (mental and physical)o Understand and master the skills needed to “move from one assignment to the next”
o Recognize and take appropriate risko Understand and embrace the program’s meaning of success

• Work together to overcome and learn from adversity;

• Share in the success and pride they have created as a program;

• Apply lessons learned in collegiate athletic competition to their personal and professional lives;