4v4 Slugfest & Winter Jamboree

4v4 Slugfest & Winter Jamboree

SANTA CRUZ, CA -- On Sunday, December 8th, 2013 the UC Santa Cruz Women's Soccer Team will host the 4th Annual UCSC 4v4 Slugfest & Winter Jamboree.  This is a wonderful opportunity to engage your players in an event that is both exciting and instructional. Small-sided games are one of the most important training tools a coach employs. At the jamboree, with adequate registration in your bracket, each team will play four games with opponents of the same age group. 

You may form one or more teams of 4-6 players. Have fun naming your team(s)! 

The referees for each match will be UCSC Women's Soccer players and staff who will mentor the girls during their games.

Coaches must fill out team registration forms, and a parent (or legal guardian) MUST sign for each player. Your team will not be allowed to participate until all players sign the waiver. REGISTER EARLY!  Once registered, you will receive an e-mail containing all the information you need regarding rules of play, directions to fields and game schedules.

This slugfest & jamboree will be a thrilling, competitive and fun-filled way to end your team's fall soccer season. We reserve the right to adjust brackets, pending number of team registrations per age group. We will try and adjust brackets fairly according to age and ability levels and will consult coaches when doing so.

All proceeds will benefit the UC Santa Cruz Women's Soccer Program. 

Please contact Emily Scheese or Leah Morales with your questions and needs: 831-428-2871 or wmsoccer@ucsc.edu

To register, please complete this form

See you at the Slugfest and Winter Jamboree!!