Cougars Defeat Banana Slugs

Cougars Defeat Banana Slugs

AZUSA (3-23) – The Banana Slugs played their second match in three days as they took on ITA NCAA Division II #14 Azusa Pacific University. The Cougars won the match 9-0 over the Banana Slugs.

In their last match, the Banana Slugs lost 5-4 to Whittier College in Whittier on Monday while the Cougars defeated University of Hawaii-Hilo in Azusa yesterday.

The Cougars won all six singles matches. The #1 singles match (Islay Fossett of UC Santa Cruz versus Valeriia Kashina of Azusa Pacific), the #3 singles match (Zoe Brook of the Banana Slugs versus Jackie Resler of the Cougars) and the #4 singles match (Ashley Brudzinski of UC Santa Cruz versus Lindsey Yeom of Azusa Pacific) all finished with 6-0, 6-1 scores in favor of the Azusa Pacific participant. In the #5 singles match between Stephanie Graziano of the Banana Slugs versus MacKenzie Nickerson of the Cougars, Nickerson defeated Graziano 6-1, 6-1. In the #2 singles match between Amy Leslie of UC Santa Cruz and Electa Wright of Azusa Pacific, Wright defeated Leslie 6-0, 6-0. The tightest singles match of the day was the #2 singles match between Sylvia Brummitt of the Banana Slugs and Lilit Vardanvan of the Cougars. Vardanvan defeated Brummitt 6-1, 4-6, 10-5.

The Cougars won all three doubles matches. In the #2 doubles match between Brudzinski and Graziano of the Banana Slugs and Lisa Schneider and Vardanvan of the Cougars, Schneider and Vardanvan defeated Brudzinski and Graziano 8-0. The tightest doubles matches were the #1 doubles match (Brummitt and Fossett of UC Santa Cruz and versus Kashina and Resler of Azusa Pacific) and the #3 doubles match (Brook and Melanie Waechtler of the Banana Slugs versus Kara Hinton and Yeom of the Cougars). Both matches ended with an 8-1 win in favor of the Cougars' participants.

Before are the full results:

#1 Singles        Valeriia Kashina (APU)           def.      Issay Fossett (UCSC)            6-0, 6-1

#2 Singles        Lilit Vardanvan (APU)            def.      Sylvia Brummitt (UCSC)        6-1, 4-6, 10-5

#3 Singles        Jackie Resler (APU)               def.      Zoe Brook (UCSC)                6-0, 6-1

#4 Singles        Lindsey Yeom (APU)              def.      Ashley Brudzinski (UCSC)      6-0, 6-1

#5 Singles        MacKenzie Nickerson (APU)    def.      Stephanie Graziano (UCSC)   6-1, 6-1

#6 Singles        Electa Wright (APU)               def.      Amy Leslie (UCSC)                6-0, 6-0

#1 Singles        Kashina/Resler (APU)             def.      Brummitt/Fossett (UCSC)      8-1

#2 Singles        Schneider/Vardanvan (APU)    def.      Brudzinski/Graziano (UCSC)  8-0

#3 Singles        Hinton/Yeom (APU)                def.      Brook/Waechtler (UCSC)       8-1

The Banana Slugs' next match will be tomorrow as they take on Occidental College in Los Angeles. The first serve is set for 4 pm.