Slugs Thank Staff for Outstanding Support

Slugs Thank Staff for Outstanding Support

SANTA CRUZ, Cali - Tonight, before the Slugs hosted La Verne at Kaiser Permanente Arena, the Men's Basketball Program honored individuals that had a significant impact on the lives of the student-athletes off the court. Those honored included individuals in athletics, academics, as well as other areas in each student-athlete's lives.  

Those honored include:

Collin Pregliasco, Associate Athletics Director (Sam Gabbard)

Gehrig Kniffen, OPERS Staff (Jared Ponce)

Benjamin Wallsten, Teacher's Assistant/Stduent Mentor (Corey Cilia)

Cynthia Moncada, Teacher's Assistant/Student Mentor (Corey Cilia)

Neno Bartocci, Assistant Athletic Trainer (Adam Marlow)

Donnie Dixon, UCSC Dining Services/TA for Gospel Choir (Dylan Holler)

Deavid Feldheim, Professor of MCD Biology (Jeremy McGirr)

Avi Tchamni, Lecturer Music (Matthew Nerland)

Paul Koch, Dean of Physical & Biological Sciences (Ben Dorfman)

Raphael Carpio, Assistant Athletics Trainer (Andrew Jones)

Clara Weygandt, Physical & Biological Sciences Faculty (Kyle Creighton)

Rebecca DuBois, Biomelecular Engineering Faculty (Tre Weston)

Primrose Pisares, Head Athletics Trainer (Will Crain)

Marcus Wirth, Assistant Athleics Director of Event Management (Marcus Muccular)