Men's tennis opens season at Fresno State

FRESNO - UC Santa Cruz lost their opening dual meet of the season to Division I contender Fresno State 7-0 on Sunday. Despite the step up, coach Mike Napoli was impressed how his team did against tough competition.

"They are a top 60 team, but we played well against them in singles," Napoli said of a Bulldog team full of international talent.

At No. 2 singles Chad Le Duff came close to a win against former Davis Cup competitor Mantas Bugailiskis, dropping the match 6-4, 6-4. After dropping one set, Ryan Dugan almost forced a third against former European U-16 champion Cern Erturk before Erturk came back to win the second set 7-5.

The Banana Slugs play another Division I opponent next when they play at Santa Clara Sunday morning.



1 Chad Stone lost to Xander Veys 2-6, 3-6
2 Chad Le Duff lost to Mantas Bugailiskis 4-6, 4-6
3 A.J. Flora lost to Jeremy Moser 3-6, 1-6
4 Ryan Dugan lost to Cern Erturk 0-6, 5-7
5 Ryan Gee lost to Henrique Osorio 1-6, 2-6
6 Sarthak Saxena lost to Bailey Gong 3-6, 1-6


1 Stone/Dugan lost to Veys/Bugailiskis 1-6
2 Flora/Le Duff lost to Moser/Erturk 2-6
3 Gee/Saxena lost to Gong/Osorio 1-6