Men's Tennis Drops Season Opener

Men's Tennis Drops Season Opener

The Slugs dropped their season opener by a score of 7-0.  The Slugs fought valiantly but were unable to overcome Santa Clara, who is ranked 36th in the country for division 1. 

At 1st doubles Erich Koenig and Elias Scandalis lost to Ilya Osintsev and John Lamble 8-2.  At 2nd doubles Bryce Bettwy and Max Littlejohn lost to Tom Pham and Eugene Muchynski 8-1.  The 3rd doubles match between USCS's Andre Halabi and Chris Goetz and Santa Clara's Ashot Khacharyan and Tomasz Soltyka was stopped with Santa Clara leading 6-3.

In singles the Slugs showed a lot of fight but were unable to win any of the matches.  At 1st singles Erich Koenig lost to Ilya Osintsev 6-1 6-4.  At 2nd Andre Halabi lost to Matt Kecki 6-0 6-2.  At 3rd singles Byrce Bettwy lost to Tom Pham 6-2 6-1.  At 4th singles Sam Rogers lost to Eugene Muchynski 6-4 6-3.  At 5th singles Elias Scandalis lost to Ashot Khacharyan 6-1 7-6.  At 6th singles Max Littlejohn lost to Tomasz Soltyka 6-1 6-4.

The loss dropped the Slugs to 0-1 while the Broncos improved to 2-0.  



UCSC: 0 Santa Clara 7

Doubles Competition:

1. Ilyz Osintsev/John Lamble (SCU) def. Erich Koenig/Elias Scandalis (UCSC) 8-2

2. Tom Pham/Eugene Muchynski (SCU) def. Bryce Bettwy/Max Littlejohn (UCSC)- 8-1

3. Ashot Khacharyan/Tomasz Soltyka (SCU) v. Andre Halabi/Chris Goetz unfinished (UCSC)-6-3

Singles Competition:

1. Ilya Osintsev (SCU) def. Erich Koenig (UCSC)- 6-1 6-4

2. Matt Kecki (SCU) def. Andre Halabi (UCSC)- 6-0 6-2

3. Tom Phan (SCU) def. Bryce Bettwy (UCSC)- 6-2 6-1

4. Eugene Muchynski (SCU) def. Sam Rogers (UCSC)- 6-4, 6-3

5. Ashot Khacharyan (SCU) def. Elias Scandalis (UCSC)- 6-1, 7-6

6. Tomasz Soltyka (SCU) def. Max Littlejohn (UCSC)- 6-1, 6-4