Banana Slugs Defeat Salem to Advance to GSAC Championship Match

Banana Slugs Defeat Salem to Advance to GSAC Championship Match

MACON (4-29) – The Banana Slugs played their first match of the 2016 Great South Athletic Conference Championship in Georgia. Their opponent was the #4 seeded Salem College Spirits. The Banana Slugs, on the strength of winning all doubles matches, defeated the Spirits 5-0.

In their last match, the Banana Slugs lost 8-1 to NCAA Division II member Holy Names University in Oakland on April 10th while the Spirits won 5-0 over Wesleyan College earlier today.

The Banana Slugs won two singles matches while four went unfinished. In the #6 singles match between Eva Buciek of UC Santa Cruz and Jacquelyn Lockhart of Salem, Buciek defeated Lockhart 6-0, 6-0. The #2 singles match (Islay Fossett of the Banana Slugs vs. Deanna Wilkins of the Spirits), the #3 singles match (Zoe Brook of UC Santa Cruz vs. Ashley Koehley of Salem), the #4 singles match (Ashley Brudzinski of the Banana Slugs vs. Allie Watkins of the Spirits) and the #5 singles match (Amy Leslie of UC Santa Cruz vs. Sabrina Sheikh of Salem) all went unfinished. The tightest singles match of the day was the #1 singles match between Sylvia Brummitt of UC Santa Cruz and Andrea Akers of Salem. Brummitt defeated Akers 6-1, 6-0.

The Banana Slugs won all three doubles matches. In the #2 doubles match between Brudzinski and Fossett of UC Santa Cruz vs. Dominik and Vieira of Holy Names, Brudzinski and Fossett defeated Koehler and Watkins 8-0. The tightest doubles matches were the #1 doubles match between Brummitt and Stephanie Graziano of the Banana Slugs vs. Akers and Wilkins of the Spirits and the #3 doubles match between Brook and Buciek of UC Santa Cruz vs. Lockhart and Sheikh of Salem.

Before are the full results:

#1 Singles        Sylvia Brummitt (UCSC)          def.      Andrea Akers (SC)            6-1, 6-0

#2 Singles         Islay Fossett (UCSC)              vs.        Deanna Wilkins (SC)        Unfinished

#3 Singles         Zoe Brook (UCSC)                  vs.        Ashley Koehler (SC)        Unfinished

#4 Singles         Ashley Brudzinski (UCSC)       vs.        Allie Watkins (SC)           Unfinished

#5 Singles         Amy Leslie (UCSC)                 vs.        Sabrina Sheikh (SC)        Unfinished

#6 Singles         Eva Buciek (UCSC)                 def.      Jacquelyn Lockhart (SC)   6-0, 6-0

#1 Doubles       Brummitt/Graziano (UCSC)      def.      Akers/Wilkins (SC)           8-4

#2 Doubles       Brudzinski/Fossett (UCSC)       def.      Koehler/Watkins (SC)       8-0

#3 Doubles       Brook/Buciek (UCSC)              def.      Lockhart/Sheikh (SC)       8-4

The Banana Slugs' next action will be tomorrow as they take on #2 seeded Agnes Scott College for the Great South Athletic Conference Women's Tennis Championship. Match time is set for 8:30 am.