Slugs Come Up Short Against Lewis & Clark in the NCAA Championships

Slugs Come Up Short Against Lewis & Clark in the NCAA Championships

CLAREMONT, Calif. - UCSC Women's Tennis, fresh off of capturing their first ever GSAC Regional Title, went up against #30 ranked Lewis & Clark College, from Portland, Oregon, in the first round of the NCAA DIII Women's Tennis Championship. After fighting hard throughout the Singles and Doubles Competitions, Slugs were unable to defeat Lewis & Clark, resulting in Lewis & Clark advancing to the next round, facing Pomona-Pitzer.

"Going into NCAA's, this group set their sights on continued positive energy, impeccable teamwork, and raising our level for the big dance," said head coach Amy Jensen. "This team of Slugs loves competing with each other - so despite a long road trip down trip down south, they managed to muster their intensity and left it all on the court. Doubles was fairly one sided but we bonded back well to make things very interesting in several of the singles matches." 

Next season, Women's Tennis will be able to play their first full season under Head Coach Amy Jensen, who joined the Slugs mid-season. "It's been a very positive year for UCSC Women's Tennis. Our goal was to rebound and set this program back on an upward trajectory, and that is what we have done! I'm so impressed at how this team has come together, celebrated our improvements: small and large, and gained momentum, despite a very rigorous dual match schedule."

This was just the beginning for a young Slugs team.  UCSC women's tennis is only losing one senior for its current roster and will return 4 freshman and 6 sophomores from a team that won the GSAC this year.  "Each player on this program had a unique and important impact on the our overall success." 

"We look forward to staying connected over the summer with readings, videos and activities ... and then in the fall we'll welcome a group of 5 or 6 new slugs to boost our roster size. This will create even more positive energy, and also facilities increased intensity and competition in our practices! Combining this new talent, with the returning maturity and leadership ... will make for a very exciting 2017 season!" 

With all the young talent and growth, the Slugs have a promising future ahead of them.

UC Santa Cruz vs Lewis & Clark

May 13, 2016 at Claremont, CA (Biszantz Family Tennis Center)

#30 Lewis & Clark 5, UC Santa Cruz 0

Singles Competition

 1. Summer Garrison (LCW) vs. Sylvia Brummitt (UCSCW) 6-3, 3-0, unfinished

2. Aurora Garrison (LCW) def. Islay Fossett (UCSCW) 6-0, 6-1

3. Wiktoria Plawska (LCW) vs. Ashley Brudzinski (UCSCW) 6-3, 1-0, unfinished

4. Christine Eliazo (LCW) vs. Stephanie Graziano (UCSCW) 6-3, 4-0, unfinished

5. Claudia Lew (LCW) def. Amy Leslie (UCSCW) 6-0, 6-0

6. Kacey Incerpi (LCW) vs. Eva Buciek (UCSCW) 6-1, 2-2, unfinished


Doubles Competition

1. Christine Eliazo/Claudia Lew (LCW) def. Sylvia Brummitt/Stephanie Graziano (UCSCW) 8-0

2. Wiktoria Plawska/Kacey Incerpi (LCW) def. Ashley Brudzinski/Islay Fossett (UCSCW) 8-3

3. Summer Garrison/Aurora Garrison (LCW) def. Amy Leslie/Melanie Waechtler (UCSCW) 8-0


Match Notes:
Order of finish: Doubles (3,1,2); Singles (2,5) NCAA Regionals